Petition: No apps for exploitation!

Apple has just approved the June release of a new app that lets you use your phone to find partners willing to exchange money for sex.  As one blogger writes, “Location-based software plus smartphone plus lust equals this application.”   (Read his blog post “Hire a Hooker?  There’s an app for that” here.)

SugarSugar, creator of the app, is a ‘dating site’ connecting men with money to women with financial need…in exchange for “companionship”.  This app would allow people looking for a ‘sugar’ relationship (exchanging money for sex) to locate other potential partners nearby.

It is unthinkable that Apple (a company that has routinely rejected apps for porn) would release an app facilitating prostitution.  This app clearly violates their own rules, and hopefully we wil see them move speedily to correct this lapse in judgement.


A petition has just been launched at asking Apple not to release this app.  Remind Steve Jobs that he doesn’t need the money…or the reputation his company will get for facilitating the sale of human beings.

Click here to be redirected to the petition.  Please sign it … and send it on!  No apps for exploitation.


~ by Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag on May 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Petition: No apps for exploitation!”

  1. I see the petition has closed. Is there anything else we can do for those of us too late to sign the petition?

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