For over a decade, Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag has worked among women and men in prostitution and victims of human trafficking.  In Athens, Greece, Jennifer started the ministry Lost Coin (now Nea Zoi, or New Life).  Over many years, Jennifer and her coworkers there visited streets and brothels to talk to and pray with sex slaves.  They served coffee and shared tears, offering hope in Christ and practical help.  In 2008, Nea Zoi was recognised by the US State Department for its work among victims of human trafficking, and its current director, Emma Skjonsby Manousaridis, honored as anti-trafficking hero.

After turning the ministry over to new leadership in 2006, Jennifer began focusing on the challenge of engaging the global church in Christ’s mission of individual restoration and societal transformation.  She has received numerous international assignments to develop strategic partnerships and interventions, working  in close cooperation with some of the world’s largest Christian organisations, including:

–       Advocates International

–       European Evangelical Alliance

–       International Christian Alliance on Prostitution

–       Operation World

–       World Evangelical Alliance

Among other projects, Jennifer is currently working to help the EEA develop the European Freedom Network (EFN). The European Freedom Network exists to help the body of Christ in Europe work together effectively to prevent and combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and to seek the restoration of its victims.  With others, she is working to provide information and training to churches, to facilitate networking and strategy for emerging networks, and to stimulate prayer on the topic globally.

The problems of prostitution and trafficking are complex, but there are women crying out today for a solution – and a Saviour!  The battle for the lives and souls of these women demands our best efforts.

To learn more about the European Freedom Network and Jennifer’s role, see “Set My Captives Free!” here.

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