Healing for victims of abuse…and their abusers

If no one remembers a misdeed or names it publicly, it remains invisible. On one level, the victim is not a victim and the perpetrator is not a perpetrator; both are misperceived because the one’s violence and the other’s suffering go unrecognized. A double injustice occurs, the first when the original deed is done and the second when it is made to disappear.”  – Miroslav Volf

How do we deal with sexual abuse as a community of faith?   How can we become a source of hope and help to those struggling with the pain of abuse?  Are we willing to listen to people’s stories, bear witness to the misdeed, and walk with them on their journey of restoration?

This sermon from Wheaton Bible Church courageously asks some of those questions, helping us as congregations to understand the nature of abuse and the needs of both the victim and the abuser.  In many cases, both are in our churches – and both need God’s help, and ours!

http://www.wheatonbible.org/avms.asp   Navigate under the heading Titles to “Present Help in Present Trouble (Week 4)” to view this exceptional sermon.


~ by Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag on June 7, 2011.

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