Unite to Wear White – Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Happy “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month”!  Well, to all of my American friends, anyway.  It’s not catchy, but it IS a important initiative!

So – what is this new ‘holiday’, and how can we celebrate?   President Obama shares a few words:

Our Nation was founded on the enduring principles of equality and freedom for all.  As Americans, it is our solemn responsibility to honor and uphold this legacy.  Yet, around the world and even within the United States, victims of modern slavery are deprived of the most basic right of freedom.  During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we rededicate ourselves to preventing and ending human trafficking, and we recognize all who continue to fight this serious human rights violation.  (Read the rest of the Presidential proclamation here.)

Now THAT’S something to celebrate!  Let’s make it a ‘holy day’ in the best sense.

End Slavery Tennessee, together with other NGOs in the region, has a timely idea for raising awareness and encouraging commitment.  (And I’m sure you can think of many more…like buying slave-free goods, sponsoring organizations working among vulnerable populations, etc.)  Read what they and others across the USA will do on Tuesday:

“Across the nation, more and more people recognize that human trafficking is a huge domestic problem that needs to be addressed. To help raise awareness on 1-11-11, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, eight Tennessee NGOs have pledged to wear white, to show a united front and be a light in the darkness for all those trapped in sex and labor trafficking.

…Concerned citizens, churches and organizations from 25 states…have pledged to wear white on Tuesday, January 11.”

The group has asked people to send and post photos of themselves wearing white on Tuesday.  Click here to learn more about their initiative, where to send YOUR photos, and how to get more involved!  (Additionally….if you send ME your pic, I’ll post it here and/or on my Facebook page.)

What could you do to celebrate in a month dedicated to ending human trafficking?  Think about it.  Share it.  Do it!


~ by Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag on January 10, 2011.

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